Corp Bounty provides best opportunities in various diversified segments and sectors such as IT & Information Technology, Ma…

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Corp Bounty understand that requirement of each client is unique,so we provide fresh perspective & young talent of manageme…

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Work From Home – As an Independent Recruiter

Not all of us like the concept of working 9 to 5 jobs. Fortunately, for all such people, the concept of freelancing proves to serve best, of which freelance recruitment has been gaining much lim...

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Work from Home as an Independent Recruiter

logoFREELANCE Recruiter Consultant (FRC) or Income Opportunity Adviser (IOPA) is the best opportunity for those who wish to do business from home with No capital. It is an opportunity to be a part of ever growing Recruitment Business. All you need is a telephone, Internet connection and work smart attitude. There are no hefty Franchisee fees or Security deposits. Hence you can start this Home Business at very low risk.

What do Free Lancer Do ?

Corp Bounty is a market place; it connects companies with their prospective employees, agents, franchisees, sales person through its network of Free Lance Recruiters / Income Opportunity Advisors & Recruitment consultants . FRCs Identify persons out of their own natural network, friend circles, relatives or friend’s relative or relative’s friends using their local Social, personal and professional network. FRC receives job orders (Employment or income / business opportunities) from Corp Bounty, identifies the prospects and get confirmation of interest and post the details on Corp Bounty.

How it Works?

Once you sign in as FREELANCE Network Partner, business keeps on coming to you through Our Network on its own without spending any efforts. You keep on getting vacancies or business opportunities (commonly called Job orders) from Corp Bounty Patrons (Companies ) or other Network Partners (Recruitment Consultants/ Master Vendors ).Your job is to find suitable candidates/ prospects for these job orders from your contacts or sourcing network . Most of work is done over the phone and internet, rarely require traveling.

Each Job order is accompanied with money or fee you will get paid if your candidate happened to get selected and joins Employer organization. Billing to Referred Customer is done by Bounty; you get your fees paid by the Corp Bounty Network promoter. Corp Bounty only charges a small transaction fee on your each successful placement at the time of pay out to you. You can pick and choose job order as per your will and comfort. Corp Bounty system keeps track all events and is very transparent.

Corp Bounty has set very high code of conduct and ethical standards. All Network Partners will undertake to adhere to that religiously. Income

Income potential will vary on your efforts put in and other business management skills, however. Solo member can expect to earn up to Rs 2 lac / per annum in India.

Training, Orientation and Certification

Freelance Recruiter can under go our training and orientation and get certified by us for learning Recruitment. Such certification improves chances of job in HR or marketing functions. Some of the companies also give some orientation for Free Lance Recruiters.

At CORP BOUNTY, we believe that we are an extension of our client’s HR team and must perform as a responsible representative of their organization. We, further, like to highlight following for comfort level of our prospective clients. Our database has been constructed with years of experience, dedicated resources including references, head hunting, media and job fairs. We continually emphasize on upgrading the database by exploring new resources.

Future Growth Prospects

FRC can grow further by creating a team of Free Lance Recruiters and managing them. FRC will get overriding commission on the FRCs managed by FRC. OR FRC may grow to become a Full Fledge Recruitment Consulting Company or Master Vendor by making an investment to earn more. Who can be a Free Lance Recruitment Consultant or Income Opportunity Advisor Any one who loves to connect with people. One who is extrovert and friendly.

Some examples are :

Educated and socially active Housewife
Retired/ semi retired Professional
Foot Soldiers – MR / Sales rep
Employed with free time & inclination
Small businessmen / Service providers
A student –ideal Graduate + even 10+2 passed

Capital Requirements :

Capital Requirement is none if you have PC Internet and Telephone.

Corp Bounty charges a small set up Fee of Rs 6,999/(Including Training and Materials)

Interested? Then fill up the registration form and show interest. We will conduct verifications of your credentials to initiate your account. APPLY