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Work From Home – As an Independent Recruiter

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Referral Incentives for Recruitment Services and CV/Coaching Services

logo Everyone loves free stuff - right???

Well, we do and we like to think that our Employers and Job Seekers do too.... We have two referral incentive plans available one for Recruitment Services and one for CV/Coaching Services.

So we have decided to stop throwing money out the door for newspapers, magazines, posters, and flyers and have decided to invest it back into people that know us, and know how we work!

There are a lot of tyre kickers out there- and quite frankly does anybody have the time to waste on them- NO!!!! We want to spend our time helping our Client base in either securing employment or growing their staffing levels.

80% of our business has come from referrals, we think that's fantastic and we want to now thank people (and perhaps incentivise them further) for sending great job seekers and employers through our doors!

So this is how you get your hands onto free stuff....

If you know someone that fits the criteria below, you need to contact us, tell us about them and their contact details, and we will start to work with them. Simple as that!!!!

How to register with Corp Bounty

Our ideal referrals would be people with a number of the following attributes:

  • A Hiring Manager who does not have the time or resources to recruit staff themselves (who have you heard complaining about being short staffed yet have not started recruiting?)
  • A self employed person wanting to grow their business but have no idea where to start or anything about Employment Regulations and HR.
  • Someone that spends too much time on worrying about recruitment and needs to hand that task onto someone else.
  • A job seeker wanting a new look CV, a resignation letter, or covering letters.
  • Someone petrified about interviewing for a new job- we can give them loads of coaching!
  • Anyone looking for a new role

Quite easy really isn't it?

You will be doing us a huge favour by referring someone through to us that is not a tire kicker AND the person you do refer through to us would be so grateful because now they have us to take care of things for them!

Some may call this bribery but we call it a smart referral incentive program! The more you refer the more you get!!!

CV/Coaching Service Referrals

For every new client you send through to us you get a gift voucher, and on your 5th referral you get a .

Recruitment Service Referrals

It's a 4 step recruitment referral reward program for every successful referral you send through to us.

Recruitment Service Referral #1

You can take the pick of either:
Rs 500- Gift Vouchers OR
One Ticket of Movie

Recruitment Service Referral #2

You can take the pick of either:
Rs1000 - Gift vouchers OR
Dinner for two

Recruitment Service Referral #3

You can take the pick of either:
Cricket Match or Event Ticket for 2 OR
One night's hotel accommodation for 2

Recruitment Service Referral #4

By now we will be so happy to spend our marketing money on you, we will happily discuss what you would like as a reward!!!
You can refer as many people as you like and as long as we do actually engage in business assisting them (either as an employer or a job seeker) you will be rewarded for each individual referral!!!

Terms and Conditions:

1. The referred person or business must be notified and must consent that their details have been passed over to Corp Bounty.
2. It is the referee's responsibility to contact the Consultant to claim their reward through Corp Bounty.
3. A Job seeker can only be referred through to Corp Bounty once.
4. If the referred person or business is on the Corp Bounty database already we reserve the right to not pay a referral incentive to the referee.
5. The referral reward will be paid within one month of the referred person commencing work after being placed with a client of Corp Bounty or following completion of CV/ Coaching work.
6. The referred person must commence their contract assignment or permanent employment at CB's client within three months of you referring them to Corp Bounty.
7. For all other services, the referral reward will be paid one month following completion of the services.
8.Corp Bounty takes no responsibility for lost or stolen incentives.

In order to submit the details of your referral, please send an email to